Welcome to our world at Michelle Lee Matchmaking, based in Southwest Florida, serving all of the U.S. At MLM, we take pride in curating exceptional connections in the realm of matchmaking. What sets us apart is our commitment to quality and safety.

We boast an extensive database filled with high-caliber singles. What makes us unique is our meticulous verification process – every member undergoes a thorough background check, ensuring a foundation of safe and quality dates.

Unlike many, we are discerning about our clientele. We don't just accept every client for private matchmaking; we carefully choose those we believe we can truly match, making our process even more refined and effective.

Our approach is personal and hands-on. From hand-selecting matches to guiding you through the entire dating journey, we provide comprehensive support. Our services include date coaching, handling date logistics and reservations, and thoughtful follow-ups with both parties to gauge the potential for a second date.

What sets us apart is our outstanding 96% success rate from our private client memberships. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional results and providing the utmost care and attention to ensure your matchmaking experience is nothing short of extraordinary. Choose

Michelle Lee Matchmaking for a personalized, secure, and successful journey into the world of meaningful connections.

Inclusivity and Rigorous Screening:

At MLM, we embrace diversity, welcoming all profiles submitted to our extensive database. However, our commitment to quality begins with a thorough background check and a relationship assessment test. This ensures a safe and compatible pool of potential matches.

Your Journey Begins:

Once verified, you have the choice to remain a free member within our database or take the next step toward a more personalized experience.

The Path to Private Client Status:

For those seeking a more hands-on approach, an interview with Michelle or Bailey awaits. This is your opportunity to become a private client, unlocking a tailored matchmaking experience.

Verified Database Membership:

As a Verified Member your profile resides in our database. Here, you await potential matches, with the condition that compatibility is at least 80% or higher. We believe in quality over quantity, focusing our efforts on creating connections that truly matter.

Selective Matching for Private Clients:

Our active pursuit of matches is dedicated to our private clients. We do not actively search for matches for those in the free database, ensuring that our meticulous approach is reserved for those who have chosen the path of a private client.

At Michelle Lee Matchmaking, we understand that every journey to love is unique. Whether you choose to stay as a Verified Member or take the step into private client status, our commitment to personalized, quality matchmaking remains unwavering. Join us on this journey where connections are crafted with care and compatibility is paramount.


Founded by Michelle Lee

Meet Michelle Lee, the visionary CEO of Michelle Lee Matchmaking in Southwest Florida. As an elite matchmaker with a passion for forging meaningful connections, Michelle, alongside her daughter Bailey Michelle, is making waves in the dating world.

Their dynamic duo is dedicated to redefining the landscape of love, backed by numerous success stories.

With a commitment that goes beyond traditional matchmaking, Michelle Lee Matchmaking is a beacon for those seeking authentic and enduring connections.

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