How We Match

Initial Screening Process:

Every private client and potential match undergo a comprehensive screening process. This involves providing detailed preferences about themselves and the ideal partner they are seeking.Personality and

Compatibility Assessment:

As part of the screening, both private clients and potential matches take a Relationship DISC Assessment Test and a Love Language Quiz. This step ensures a deeper understanding of individual personalities and compatibility factors.

Data Gathering:

Once preferences and assessments are completed, we gather all the necessary data. This includes the detailed preferences, personality assessments, and love language preferences.

The Magic Begins:

Armed with a wealth of information, we delve into the magic of matchmaking. Our team compares and analyzes all the gathered data to identify patterns and potential matches that align with your preferences and personality traits.

Nationwide Collaboration:

We extend our reach by collaborating with a network of matchmakers nationwide. This collaboration allows us to tap into a diverse pool of candidates and enhances our ability to find the perfect match for you.

Interviewing Potential Matches:

Before sending you out on a date, we conduct interviews with potential matches. This step ensures that the person is not only a match on paper but also compatible in real-life interactions. Your compatibility and comfort are our top priorities.

At Michelle Lee Matchmaking, our matchmaking process is a meticulous journey guided by data, preferences, and collaboration. We believe in the magic of compatibility, and our step-by-step approach, including personalized interviews, ensures that every match is crafted with precision and care.

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