Successfully matched and happily connected clients

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To say the least, Michelle is great, I was very nervous when reaching out the first time. Michelle made me feel extremely comfortable. I knew from the first call I would hire her and she would match me. I didn't like the bar scene, or the other dating sites forget it. She did exactly what she said she would. Steve makes me so happy and completes me.
Mark and Steve
First of all THANK YOU MICHELLE LEE!! You definitely know your stuff. Cindy makes me the happiest I have ever been in my life. I appreciate all the information you shared on being and having a quality match, it made it very easy to find my true love. Cindy is everything and more. You definitely would not know all the information Michelle finds out, it would take years to truly know someone. You made this connection easy and worth the entire process.
Jeff and Cindy
The day I met Monica, I was thinking, wow this Michelle really knows her stuff. There was a true connection from the start. I really liked the fact of knowing, I am being matched with a quality person, I love that she does a credit report, it was really one of the main reasons I hired her, I felt between the background check and credit report that information tells a lot, and I have nothing to hide, and I wanted the same out of a person. Especially after my last relationship learning after 3 months I was dating a married woman. I was tired of wasting my time. Michelle was worth every penny.
Jake and Monica
Michelle introduced me to Steve and I knew from our first date that he was the one. Our personality test was so alike, she really matches your personality down to very small details, this process was fun and amazing. The stuff that Michelle teaches you during this process is truly mind blowing. I recommend this to all my friends and family not wanting to waste their time. I was a little concerned at first about all the confidential information that was requested but I knew the Male would send the same information, which really says alot about the person, the information we gave would truly take years to find out and then you wasted more time.
Steve and Sarah
Michelle is amazing, she makes you feel so comfortable during this process, I went on 2 dates before finding Linda, she is my perfect match. I work full time and wanted a quality person, I didn't want to keep using free sites, wondering if the person in the pictures were real and if their bio was the truth. Michelle knows her stuff and makes this process very easy. Linda and I just recently got married and we truly are made for each other.