So the research began, I looked up every dating site and match making site I could find. I researched every matchmaker I could find, and as I did I knew I was going to be a leader in this industry. Over the years, I had introduced many people, but nothing this detailed. I knew right away, I wanted to set myself apart from every other matchmaker, and I knew my passion for this would get me there. 

The Research Begins

I started to search for someone to build my site so that ended horribly, I basically got ripped off for $10,000 not a way to start, but I thought it WOULD NOT STOP me. This actually led me right to where I needed to be. I found an amazing matchmaker from NewYork, my mentor Maria, and I met Tim and Arthur from the UK who helped build this amazing website. So here is a little inside story, I wanted to name the business Matchmaker Michell Lee from the beginning, however I ended up picking something else, and then came back to my name, I believe this was the best name all along. So YES my name is really spelled MICHELL with NO E!!  I am different so this fits me, but after a few conversations with Maria we went with Michelle Lee because that’s how ALL of American spells it. 

And of course we wanted you to find me. Until tomorrow:) have a great day!