Hello good morning! So here is the juicy details! Bobby is a brother to one of my closest friends, Emeline. In June of 2015 I went to the beach on a sunny Sunday afternoon. I rode my GSXR 600 pink and white sport bike !! Emeline asked me to come to the beach that day. I was still with my ex with no plans of leaving, I was feeling that he was distant but I did not wanna put my kids through that again. We were up and down all the time and I wanted it to still work. When I arrived at the beach that day, I thought Bobby was a good looking guy. But other than being introduced we didn’t talk at all that day. I did say to Emeline why didn’t you introduce me to your brother all those times I was single. She said because I don’t want you to date my brother  because we are so close and you always go back to your ex when you split. I said good point, she was dead ON lol… I always ended back with him because at the end of the day all I wanted was my family and so that day I went home back to my life. One week later, he and I split up. I didn’t want to split up but I was tired of the rollercoaster. 


I actually begged him to let me come home the first few days, that’s what he liked. He always liked complete control and everything was on his terms, what he did not realize is I was not 16 anymore and I was completely over his games.  He said he was done. I even told him if I signed the lease on my new apartment I WAS NEVER COMING BACK.. I was so drained from the emotional stress and games. When Bobby found out I was single he told his sister right away to have me call him. I didn’t call  for 3 days. Honestly, for a couple of reasons, I wanted to go back home and I really didn’t want anyone else. I actually told Bobby’s sister I don’t want to date your brother. I don’t want to do anyone’s laundry to take care of anyone’s kids but my own lol. I didn’t want to be single but I wanted love, I wanted to feel wanted, I wanted my ex to want me. I would call him and say tell me you want me to come home and he wouldn’t. He is a very prideful and stubborn man. The worst ! I am stubborn too! Especially in my older age I was tired and not dealing with it anymore. I called my ex the morning I was supposed to sign my lease to my new apartment. And I said IF I SIGN THIS LEASE, I AM NEVER COMING BACK! He said sign it. So that’s exactly what I did. Well by Thursday my ex wanted me back. I said NO! Good bye for today!