Good morning! 

I was sick!!! From the emotional stress. Emeline called and said why haven’t you called Bobby, I said I thought you don’t want us talking?? She said I don’t lol, but he keeps asking why you have not called lol…. and funny that afternoon I decided to text from an app that gives you a new number. I didn’t want him to have my true info. 


His first response was “Why are you texting me from a new number app! I was like ohhh it’s that obvious 😂.  I just said  because you don’t need my info lol.  So a few days later we met for the first time. We literally talked for four hours, no food, no alcohol, just talked. He pretty much never left my side from that day. We were there for each other in a way no one had ever been there for us. We became Best friends then lovers, now husband and wife. He truly is my rock, he lifts me up when I am down and always, always, always believes in me and all my dreams , And supports everything I do. Honestly people were like “Bobby’s gonna let you do a matchmaking service?”, I thought first of all we don’t have that kind of relationship of letting someone do something. We are grown adults that choose to love each other every day and put each other first. The first couple years I would look at myself in the mirror and just could not believe that my life has changed this drastically. I could not believe I was finally living a life of pure bliss!! Bobby has treated me like a Queen from day one.  

Bobby has not changed for six years. He’s the same exact person every day he doesn’t have a different mood every other day. Our life, our love, it’s just simple. I love him for him and he loves me just the way I am.

See you tomorrow 💜