This journey has just begun, but I can tell you I am really loving this new career! I enjoy talking to people learning about them and hearing their story. Private matchmaking is really taking love to the next level. I talked to a guy the other day and he was not sure he NEEDED a private Matchmaker. I explained you don’t need one, your good looking, successful, and educated , how ever all of his last few relationships where 3 to 8 months, 2 years being the longest.

So I asked how much money do you think you spent on every date, or every weekend away, Christmas, Valentines day, but most of all your time. When you hire a matchmaker we make sure your compatible, we find you the kind of woman you are looking for, one that shares your interest,  your long term goals, if your affectionate, we make sure we put you with someone affectionate. we look at everything you want and we match you with a quality individual, that we know you will be compatible with. Try it, you will save time and money in the end ❤️