Michelle’s story

Creating dream relationships
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Having worked in the hospitality industry for over 25 years, Michelle Lee Matchmaking founder Michelle is no stranger to taking care of people. While working in various positions in the industry, she saw that interpersonal relationships and the kindness of those around you can go an awfully long way to making people happier. A deeply empathetic person, Michelle has always loved helping others find true happiness both within themselves and in their relationships with their life partners.

In her never-ending quest to make other people happy, Michelle has shown herself to be an individual of extraordinary selflessness, always putting others before herself, and she shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. Michelle herself says that she just loves to help other people find love, and that really sums up the ethos that she built Michelle Lee Matchmaking around – Helping others to find happiness is the most rewarding thing in the world. To this end, Michelle also finds time in her busy schedule to offer one to one personal coaching for those seeking guidance and personal growth, helping them to realise their full potential and find their own inner happiness.

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Despite her success, Michelle is always looking to improve her business and do more for her clients. As driven as she is empathetic, she ensures that every aspect of her company is calibrated to help match people with the best possible partners available. The happiness of each and every one of her clients is the most important thing in Michelle’s life, and she is passionate about finding every single one of them the loves of their lives, and that includes you. She is ready and waiting to help you start the rest of your life with the person of your dreams. So, what are you waiting for?

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Mission Statement

Finding love is so important to us

Our mission is to help you find love. It really is that simple. We here at Michelle Lee Matchmaking provide an exceptional, private service to singles looking to find love that lasts. We know that dating is hard and finding ‘the one’ is no easy task. That’s where we come in. We connect souls from coast to coast, matching you with potential partners who we really think you could be happy with. We pride ourselves on our ability to bring individuals together who actually have things in common, giving you the very best chance at finding that true love that you’re looking for. Our proven system matches highly compatible singles, setting them up together and then stepping back to let them start what will hopefully flourish into a lifetime of love.

Everything we do here at Michelle Lee Matchmaking is driven by our core values of honesty, integrity, caring, discretion, passion, love and, above all, kindness. We take your privacy and comfort very seriously and make every effort to ensure that you feel safe and supported every step of the way. Our values help to create the best possible environment for singles to meet and get to know each other in a relaxed and respectful atmosphere. In the end, our ultimate goal is for you to find the love of your life, as easily and smoothly as possible, because everyone deserves the relationship of their dreams.